Thursday, 9 January 2014

Resolutions and goals for 2014

Hi guys,

It's the New Year so I've come up with a few resolutions and goals. To help me achieve these I have decided to put them online so that everyone can see.

I'll start with my New Year's resolutions.

1. Exercise 3 times a week

I'm going to exercise properly every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

2. Eat more healthily and cook more

I have a habit of snacking so I'm going to only eat unhealthy snacks on Saturdays.

3. Be nicer

I'm not a mean person but I can be really stubborn and get a bit angry when I don't get what I want so I'm going to try and stop doing that.

4. Judge less

I'm very quick to judge and I really hate that because I don't like it when people judge me so this year I'm going to start thinking nice things about others.

5. Work more

I'm on a gap year at the moment and I haven't properly worked since September which is really bad. I had planned to take some time off but then I got really lazy so I'm going to do some work.

6. Achieve a least one goal every day

As I said above, I have been very lazy lately so I want to achieve something every day. It can be really small like cook dinner or clean up my desk but it's a goal none the less.

7. Read more

I spend far too much time on the computer so I want to change that and spend more time reading.

8. Cleanse face at least once a day

I'm really bad at cleansing my face and it really does help my skin so I've decided to do it at least once a day.

9. Blog and make a video at least once a week

I was quite good at the blogging bit up until about August and then I went off track. This year I don't want that to happen.

10. Be more positive

I'm usually quite a negative person, I only see the bad in a bit of a rubbish situation which makes everything worse so I want to be more positive.

11. Go to bed at 11 pm at the latest and switch off the computer at least half an hour beforehand

Now that I don't have to get up for school I seem to be going to bed at 1 am, which is really bad. This year I want to have a better sleeping pattern.

12. Stop pulling hair

I have trichotillomania, which basically means that I'm addicted to pulling my hair out. This is really hard to admit and extremely difficult to stop as it's always there. I'm slowly getting there and I want to completely stop this by the end of 2014.

Now for my goals. I'm not going to write a reason behind these because a lot of them are linked to my resolutions and they are pretty self explanatory.

1. Pass driving exam

2. Lose weight and keep it off

3. Be a happier person

4. Go to university

5. Stop pulling hair and grow it long again

6. Read at least 10 books

7. Find work

8. Go to Thailand

9. Gradually update wardrobe to have smarter clothes

10. Spend more time outside

11. Learn to cook better

12. Blog a lot

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