Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I got for Christmas

Hi guys!

Today I thought I'd tell you what I got for Christmas. I'm not bragging, I think it's useful if you're stuck on what to buy someone for their birthday or another occasion or even if you don't know what you want.

Firstly, I got a Pandora bracelet with a security chain and two "clips" which are clip on charms to separate the other charms and prevent them from falling off. I think Pandora bracelets are a really nice gift and I really like the idea of collecting charms.

Then, from my boyfriend I got a heart shaped charm for the bracelet. I love it and I think it's really nice and simple.

From my boyfriend's mum I got a spacer charm (separates the other charms) which is laurel leaves with two zirconium stones. I think it's really lovely.

I also got a double eyeshadow palette from her from boulevard de beauté. This is really nice eyeshadow, I'll do a full review in another post.

From my sister's godfather I got an italian cook book which I would really recommend, It's got some really tasty recipes.

From one of my best friends I got a bobble hat (with two bobbles) and a pair of penguin gloves. They're really cosy and warm.

Keeping with the cosy and warm theme, I got a really soft and snuggly dressing gown from my grandparents side and some cosy slippers from my aunt. The dressing gown is from Marks & Spencer's and the slippers are from Bedroom Athletics.

I also got a set of magnolia hand and body lotion, bath cream and shower cream from my grandparents, also from Marks & Spencer's. These smell amazing.

From my boyfriend's grandmother I got a set of green tea and jasmin hand soap and hand lotion which smells really nice.

From my other grandparents I got these gorgeous wallets or purses. I think they're really cute and they're made of real leather. These are from 1642 Lichfield.

From my sister I got a set of retro shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion from the croft. They smell like vanilla and are really nice handmade products.

From another one of my best friends I got this set called "flower party by night" by Yves Rocher. Its a perfume and a shower gel and they smell like violets.

From another friend of the family I got this gorgeous wrap bracelet. I think these are really nice and I don't have any so I'm very happy I got this.

From my godmother and her family I got this beautiful soft scarf. It looks like leopard print but it's actually a very subtle floral pattern.

Finally, this is what I got in my stocking. Some very soft bed socks, a mini puzzle, that owl is actually a lip gloss, a candle holder with an E for my name on it, some earrings, a phone case, some shower gel and nail and hand cream from caudalie and some chocolate!

I'm very grateful and happy with all of my presents and I feel very lucky. I got a lot of nice things this year. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year!

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