Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shoe collection part 3: Sandals

Hi guys!

This is the last part of my shoe collection. It's all about my sandals. I even painted my toe nails especially!

Firstly, I'll talk about my flip-flops. I have three pairs and I wear them all. I'll start with these bright pink ones from Gap. I think these are really nice and a bit original with the different straps. They look great with anything in summer. I bought these in New York so they're quite special to me. I think they cost about $20 (15€ or £12). They're made of leather and they're really comfortable and easy to walk in (they don't slip off like some do!).


Next up are these printed ones. These are from Oilily and I've had them for years. I have no idea how much they cost. They're quite structured so they're not bad to walk in, I often walk the dogs in them in the summer. They look good with casual clothing and would work well with long trousers too as they are slightly "heavier". They aren't everybody's cup of tea but I like them a lot.

This is my last pair of flip-flops. They're from Roxy and they cost me about 40 shekels in Israel (8€, £5 or $11) They give me blisters on the side of my feet so I only wear them when I go swimming but if you have normal feet and not wide feet like mine they should be fine. They look nice with casual or sporty clothes. I really like the pattern on the bottom of them.

Now, moving on to wedges. These are a pair I bought in Marks & Spencer's so they weren't very expensive, I can't remember exactly. They look pretty good with everything and I used to wear them to school in the summer for those of you who don't have to wear a uniform. They're nice and subtle and very comfortable. The only think i would say is that you end up with black marks on your feet at the end of the day.

These brown and gold ones are my favourite pair of sandals. I bought them in a shop called pronto and they were very cheap and pretty good quality considering! They're quite high but still easy to walk in and really comfortable. These look great with jeans but also with anything really. They're very flattering and make your feet look amazing. I love these!

And finally, on to the last section: ballerinas. I have two pairs of these, a smarter pair and a casual pair. I'll start with the latter. These are from a make called edc but I think that's a brand from a shop called esprit. They're from the highstreet again so not very expensive. I really like the look of these but they give me awful blisters on my right foot unfortunately. These look good with anything casual.

 These are slightly more expensive I think they were about 50€ ish (£40 or $65). I bought them from a place called Pied de Terre for a wedding. They're very nice. They look better with smarter clothes but you could wear them with jeans, I wouldn't pair them with shorts though. These are made of suede and they have checkered detailing on the front. The heel is not too high and chunky so they're easy to walk in and comfortable.

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