Monday, 6 January 2014

Shoe collection part 2: Shoes

Hi guys!

I'm continuing my shoe collection series. This is the second out of three posts about my shoes. Hope you like it!

Lets start with the ones I wear the most. These are my asics, they're a bit like trainers but with less support. These are very casual and I wear them a lot because they're very comfortable. They look good with most trousers and you could wear them with a skirt if you want a sporty look but I never have. I sometimes wear them with shorts too if I'm walking a lot.

Next are my converse. These are the ankle length ones, I have had the shorter ones and to be honest I don't really have a preference. Both styles are comfortable and go with pretty much everything casual. Notice that I like casual clothing. I like these ones because I think they're a little different and the print isn't too over the top.

I do actually have some smarter shoes. I love these ones for winter. They're so comfortable and easy to walk in thanks to the chunky heel. They also look great with anything and can be casual as well as a bit more chic. I really like these with jeans.

Finally, my posh shoes. Every girl needs a good court shoe. I prefer black because they don't get as dirty and they're easier to find. Nude colours can be hard to find because the shade can look slightly off compared to your skin colour whereas black looks good on everyone. These are very uncomfortable but I love them anyway. I only really wear them on special occasions so with quite posh clothes because they are so uncomfortable but they do look great with jeans too.

Thats it for my shoes (I haven't included trainers). Next time I'll write about my sandals (of which I have a few!).

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