Thursday, 20 February 2014

Passing my driving exam

Hi guys!

Yesterday I passed my driving test! It was my third exam so I failed twice which meant I had to have 6 extra hours of lessons.

I decided to change driving school because I didn't like the one I was at before and discovered that I had only been taught some of the things I needed to pass. For example, I hadn't been told where my bearings were supposed to be when parallel parking.

The actual exam didn't entirely go according to plan either because it was supposed to be at 6h50 in the morning, we started 10 minutes late and I realized it wasn't the same car I'd driven during the lessons. When going through the check up of the driving instructors car (the driving instructor being another one from the one who taught me too) that I was supposed to be driving we discovered the brake lights had failed. He had changed all the lights the day before and they worked perfectly but he had then attached a trailer to the car and it had short-circuited.

The examiner said I couldn't do the exam on that car so they rescheduled to 9h with another car and another instructor. I got there and the car still wasn't the same as the one I was used to driving but it was similar to drive (the pedals being similar) whereas the other one was totally different. The instructor still wasn't the one who taught me but I recognised him from having seen him at the driving school.

The exam was about 40 minutes long and I didn't find it too difficult and I passed! I'm very glad and relieved I won't have to be going through the stress and anxiety of that again.

If you're passing your driving exam soon then top ten tips would be:

1. Go to bed early.

2. Do whatever helps you get to sleep without taking sleeping pills because they could have an effect if they haven't completely worn off.

3. Take lots of deep breaths to calm your nerves.

4. Drive to the test centre if that is aloud in your country. This way you will be warmed up.

5. Make a checklist of important things not to forget. Lights, indicators, foot on the clutch when you start the car (manual cars only of course), lots of looking in all mirrors especially when changing direction.

6. Try and get a test in the morning so that you don't spend your whole day worrying.

7. Get there slightly early but not too early that you're left hanging around for ages.

8. Go out the day before to practice parking and turning around. I found the parking more difficult and it's just a case of practice practice practice.

9. When you go out to practice the day before or just before your test, end it on a good note so you feel more confident.

10. Don't tell everyone when your test is, it piles pressure on for you to pass.

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