Monday, 24 February 2014

25 facts about me

Hi guys!

So as promised, another chance to get to know me a bit better.

1. I've never had a proper hangover but I love cocktails.

2. I'm quite a shy person but once I get to know you it's difficult to shut me up.

3. I find great enjoyment in making silly faces.

4. I did ballet for about 6 years.

5. I played tennis for about 8 years and I was quite good at it.

6. I love the idea of being organised but I'm not really that good at it.

7. I want and have always wanted to have 3 kids.

8. Since briefly visiting the Peak District in October, I'd love to live there.

9. The Peak District is where my parents bought their first ever house.

10. I have a sweet tooth and find it difficult to resist any kind of dessert.

11. I'm British but only lived in the UK for about 3 years before moving to Belgium.

12. I can speak fluent English and French and quite a bit of Dutch, German and Spanish.

13. I'm currently on a gap year and I'm planning on going to Thailand for 2 months during the summer.

14. I don't like being cold and much prefer being too hot.

15. If I could choose any car I would have an Aston Martin.

16. I like quite a lot of foods and one of the things I look forward to is eating so I love going out for meals.

17. I'm quite lucky because my parents are pretty good cooks.

18. I sort of wish I was born in another decade like the 60's or the 70's.

19. If I could have a superpower I'd like to be able to turn back time and see the people I know when they were younger or I'd like to be able to read minds.

20. My goal in life is to have a happy family and visit as many places as possible and spend time there to appreciate the details.

21. When I have my own house, I want dogs (border collie and springer spaniel)
, rabbits, cats and a horse (not very realistic).

22. I can't wait to have my own place so I can buy furniture and decorate.

23. I love maps.

24. I wish I was good at photography.

25. I've almost mastered the art of gel eyeliner and a cat flick!

So there are 25 facts about me. I hope you found this interesting and congratulations for getting to the end of this post!

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