Sunday, 3 March 2013

Yves Rocher nail varnish: 81-brun peau

This product is amazing. You hardly need any to paint the nails on both your hands. The brush is the right shape and makes applying it easy. The colour payoff is fantastic, it's opaque in one coat and you  definately won't need more than 2. It dries almost instanly and you're not left with that sticky feeling afterwards.

I am not one for painting my nails I must admit. I'm quite lazy about nailcare and have been known to bite them... For me, this product is perfect. It leaves a really smooth finish with hardly any effort involved.

On the left: one coat, on the right: two coats.

I actually really like the colour. It's a high colour lacquer so it's supposed to better quality than the normal lacquer. Personnally I think it is. It's a brownish pink, berry like colour. More grown up than a hot or a baby pink. But it has got a hint of sparkly shimmer to it which makes it girly. It's a good colour for winter actually.


  1. aw I really love this colour, its so lovely!
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  3. oo I love the colour of your nails <3
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