Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow day!

So the weather in Belgium is very strange at the moment. Last week it was 16°C and sunny, today I'm stuck at home because there's so much snow! I thought I'd blog about it because it is very pretty. As you can see it is quite deep, I reckon about 30 to 40 centimeters! I'm kind of getting a bit sick of snow, I'd quite like spring to hurry up and get here.

Garden table
Part of my garden


Because of the snow, half the schools are closed down and Belgium has beaten it's record for the most traffic jams on motorways: 1500 kilometers! The trains aren't working in some areas and in the south, none of the buses are either. Basically, Belgium has shut down. Which means I get to stay at home and do stuff I wouldn't normally be able to fit in to my day, like baking.

The view outside my bedroom window
The view outside my bedroom window

The dogs seem to be loving it! Unfortunately, only one of them would stand still long enough for me to take a picture. The other one was busy running around, barking at everything. Very over excited.

Harry in the snow
Harry in the snow


  1. Your dogs are gorgeous, absolutely adorable!
    The snow looks bad there, we had a little, but is all gone now!
    I have followed you, would you mind following back?xx


    1. Thanks, it's almost all melted now. I'll try and get a pic of the other dog soon.. :)

      Sure xxx

  2. oh wow!
    lovely photos <3
    I'd cry though if it snowed here, I'm sick of the cold now haha

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