Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tanya Burr's nail varnish in Penguin Chic review

Hi guys!

So I have another review this week, I promise next week will not be a review!

I've just had the chance to paint my nails. I work with food so I can't paint them very often. But anyway, I thought I'd try out the one I bought most recently, Penguin Chic. This was also featured in my spring haul video that you can watch here.

One coat

It's a very nice taupe colour, it doesn't resemble anything I own. It's quite opaque on the first coat although I would recommend 2.

It's very easy to apply as the formulation is not too liquid and not too gloopy, just right.

I've been wearing it since last night and I did about an hour of painting this morning and got gloss paint all over my fingers (I'm a bit clumsy...) and when I washed it off, it didn't chip the nail polish in the slightest so it's quite resistant which is good.

I also found it dried quite quickly and I haven't needed to apply a top coat.

2 coats

This range is quite affordable too, around the 10€ mark.

I don't have anything bad to say about this so I'm very pleased with it! I will have to purchase some more colours!

I hope you found this interesting!

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