Monday, 14 April 2014

Redecorating my room!

Hi guys!

Sorry there's not been a blog post for a while but I've been so busy lately.

I just started my job, I've been ill and I'm redecorating my room!

So far, we've moved all of my clothes and things downstairs into the spare bedroom which is where I'm sleeping.

We've also dismantled my desk, taken the shelves out, removed the curtains and curtain rail
and started painting the walls and the ceiling white.

We're going to dismantle my bed next (we didn't think it would be necessary but it is) and that requires clearing out the huge draw of stuff underneath it.

After that we'll finish painting the walls and ceiling white and start with the colours. Two of my walls are going to be a chocolate brown colour and the other two will be an off white. The ceiling will remain white.

We also have to paint the window frames and the door with gloss paint, then we can finally reassemble my desk and maybe buy a new, bigger bed. We're going to rearrange the set up of the furniture in my room.

I feel like it needs a bit of a freshen up as it's been this way for 6 years almost so it was about time for a change!

When everything is finished, I'll take a picture and show you what the end result is!

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