Sunday, 16 June 2013

Birthday haul

I thought I'd do a birthday haul today. Just a little disclaimer before I get to the interesting stuff, I'm not doing this to boast or anything, I'm doing it because I think it might be interesting for some of you who don't know what to buy for a friend, a parent, a sister, for any girl in your life.

The cake my sister made for me :) It's an iPod cake

First of all, I was doing exams and revising on my birthday so I didn't really celebrate it in any special way on the day. I had a small glass of champagne and opened my presents. My Mum also cooked my favourite dish: spinach and feta pie! But other than that, there was no big party or anything. I will be celebrating properly after exams though!

Now, on to the presents. This won't be in the right order because I can't remember exactly which present I opened first. Anyway, I got a lot of jewelry this year. I got a pair of gold earrings from my grandparents on my Dad's side and a pair of pearl ones from one of my oldest, bestest friends and her family.

I got a gold bracelet from my other grandparents. This was my great-grandmother's so it's very precious! I also got this lovely bracelet from my aunt and uncle (Mum's brother). It's made of platinum and tanzanite.

From my sister I got four miniature yankee candles. They also came with a little container but unfortunately that broke. I love the smell of them anyway and will be burning them as soon as I get a container.

From my sister's godfather, who is a very good family friend, I got a photography coffee table book. It's got some fantastic pictures in it!

I also got a makeup bag from my Mum's sister and her son. It's waterproof and it has a little pocket inside, perfect for a little mirror, or lip products!

Then, from my parents I got my trip to New York of course which is in a couple of weeks! I can't wait! I also got a painting by Jonathan Wheeler who is an artist that we met when we went to visit my aunt and cousin in Scotland. I love his style! With the painting, I also got a little bookmark with some of his work on.

From my boyfriend I got an oversized pajama t-shirt that I love and you can never have too many comfy clothes! I also got a poster with drinking quotes seeing as I'm 18 and some sweets.

By the way, the t-shirt says "I hate mornings..."

And last but not least, I got some money from my other aunts and uncles and cousins. That will definitely come in handy for traveling next year!

I hope this gave you some ideas if you're at a loss at what to buy for a girl you know!

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