Saturday, 13 April 2013

Scotland: Elgin

If you've read my latest posts, you'll know I've been on holiday in Scotland. It was very relaxing but unfortunately I managed to catch a bug a couple of days before we left. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the things we did seeing as this is partly a travel blog.

Scotland is a very beautiful part of the world, especially in the sunshine. We were very lucky the first few days we were there because the sun came out! But then it snowed... Ah well, you can't have everything.

As we live in Belgium and we were going up near Elgin, right up north, we decided to experiment and catch the overnight ferry from Zeebrugge to Hull. It was very nice even though the cabin was quite small. The food was a tad expensive but there was quite a wide choice on the menu. There was lots to do: cinema, live acts, disco party, etc.

Sunset at sea

The first thing we did was visit Elgin. Its quite a nice little town. It's got a few shops including a TK Maxx and a Boots and some very cute caf├ęs. We went into Scribbles which was lovely, they also have a Costa and a Starbucks. It's quite a peaceful place and wandering up and down the highstreet was very nice.


We then went on a 6k walk with the dogs in Culbin wood. I think it was called the Hill 99 trail. It was sunny and not too cold. It's quite a popular wood so there were a few people milling around but it was still quiet. There's a view tower so you can see everything above the trees which is spectacular if you're not afraid of heights.

The next day we walked from Roseisle to Findhorn and back along the beach. It was very sunny, not too windy and warm. We even sat outside at the  Kimberly pub. You had a gorgeous view of the beach, the sea and then the snow peaked mountains behind. This one was a longer walk. I reckon it was about 15k for the whole walk so 7,5k to the pub and then back again. It was worth it though. The pub did some brilliant food and the dogs could get rid of some energy.

We then went to Inverness to do some shopping. We spent most of our time in Debenhams and then wandered in to Lush on the highstreet. We went for lunch at a tapas place called La Tortilla which was really yummy. The staff were lovely and chatty too so it was good fun.

After that it snowed and I caught this bug so I didn't get to see much more of the outside world. We had lunch at The Old Mill, a pub in Brodie which was very tasty. We also went on a drive through Fochabers, which is quite a nice town and then along the coast. We stopped at the dolphin centre. There are some lovely views out to sea there but I didn't have my camera. It's a pebbled beach so, learn from my mistake, don't wear heels. I nearly broke my ankle!

These are the animals. From the left there's Jack, then Poppy and then Macey the cat.

Far too quickly it was time to leave though. But just before we got in the car for the long drive back to Hull, we got a quick snap of the view from the house. A lovely frosty morning.

Frosty morning

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