Monday, 9 September 2013

Travel: Tonnerre and Provins

Sorry this is a bit late, I went to London at the weekend to celebrate my godsister's 18th birthday by going to the Proms in the Park. It was fabulous!

Anyway, after we went to Chablis we drove to Tonnerre. It's not very far and it's a lovely little sleepy town. There's the famous "Fosse Dionne" which is like a natural well and divers have gone very deep inside it to find the source without ever getting there. You can also climb up to a spectacular looking cathedral. It's a bit run down inside but the views are well worth the climb!

We then travelled north from Voisines to Provins. Provins is a historical town, everything is based around the Middle-Ages and it's a very interesting place to go. All the tourist attractions like the "Caesar Tower" or the Barn had people dressed up in traditional Medieval dresses. It's very touristy in high season but if you go early enough in the morning you'll avoid most of the crowds. Provins is known for it's rose products. It has a wonderful rose garden and they make rose cider, rose candles, rose honeys etc. It really is a charming place. Well worth the visit despite the people. Another thing that's worth going to is the underground tour. It's a guided tour of the ancient underground passages of Provins, unfortunately it is only done in french but it's nice and cool down there and it's worth having a look round!

The Barn was where all the trading was done, it had some creepy models in it though!

Rose garden

Rose garden

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