Sunday, 25 August 2013

Travel: France - Troyes and Sens

Hi guys! This will be the last series of travel blogs for a while. I went to France for 2 weeks this summer and absolutely loved it. I took a break from all things social media including blogging and filming. We stayed in a little village called Voisines which was lovely and that was in the Yonne region in north Burgundy.

First of all, let me introduce you to the region. There were no tourists, it was very rural and very quiet, it's known for it's cider, cheese and also a pastry dish called gougère. The Yonne region is just in Burgundy but surrounding it you have the Champagne region, the Centre and Ile de France.

The closest town to Voisines was called Sens. It's quite a small town but the cathedral is huge. We wondered why and eventually found out that it used to be the capital of the ecclesiastic towns of Paris, Meaux, Auxerre, Chartres, Orléans, Nevers and Troyes in the Middle-Ages. Sens also has an outdoor market every monday and friday that sells mostly clothes and a covered market on the same days that sells all manor of food. The covered market is opposite the cathedral, on the the main square which is lovely. They even have a giant chess game in the middle of this square!

Covered market across the square

Chess in the square

About an hour away is a place called Troyes. It's in the Champagne region. Troyes is a little more touristy because of it's charming medieval houses and also because it's a bigger town. It also has a big cathedral and many other attractions. You can find cute little squares, little churches, lovely gardens and also narrow roads like the Ruelle des chats, so called because cats could jump from one roof to another because it's so narrow. Troyes is also quite good for shopping and eating. It has a shopping street and there are quite a few restaurants around.

Ruelle des chats

Little church garden

Those are the first two towns. I will be writing about the next two next week!

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