Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Travel: New York days 3 and 4

So, here's to part 2 of my New York trip. Hope you find it interesting and maybe even helpful!

On day 3 of our trip we went to the 9/11 tribute centre which was very well done and moving. We also trekked to the memorial at ground zero which was very good too. You really get a sense of how huge the site was and of what a tragedy 9/11 was.

After that we went and had a wander down to battery park and had a deliciously fresh lemonade. We decided to catch the Staten Island Ferry which is about a half an hour trip. You get a good view of Manhattan's financial district and of the statue of liberty from the boat. Staten Island is quite a sleepy place. It does have a couple of museums but we decided to just go and have lunch so we got some pizza.

Manhattan was very wet...

Then, we caught the ferry back to Manhattan and walked up to Wall Street. Wall Street is quite dark compared to the rest of Manhattan but it was quite a sight.

We wandered to South Street Seaport which has a few big old boats. It also has a small shopping centre and a relaxed eating and balcony area with some sun chairs and a view on the river and the boats. You have a good view on the Brooklyn Bridge from there too. Near there, there is a Pinkberry so we decided to have one and it was really really yummy.

We wanted to see Times Square at night so we made our way back near there. We walked up Broadway again and Times Square is even more amazing at night. All the lights make it feel magical. We walked back down 7th Avenue and tried to find something to eat. Unfortunately, Midtown is not very good for food. We also popped into Macy's again. We finally ended up eating on the same street as our hotel in a place called Pennsylvania I think. It looked a bit strange but they did some really yummy, healthy(ish) fresh pizza's (are you seeing a pattern here yet?). We had one with cheese, truffles and onions.

The next day was slightly more relaxed because we had to be at the airport by 5 pm. We caught a bus to the Chelsea District and walked the Highline. It's really well done and quite pretty in places. It describes itself as a walk through New York's industrial past and I found it to be quite interesting.

After the Highline we walked around the Chelsea district and into Greenwich Village which is very different and small looking compared to the high buildings in the centre of Manhattan. Chelsea would be the ideal place to eat. It was packed with restaurants and all of them looked like they had some tasty food. It's also renowned to be New York's gastronomy centre. We didn't eat there though because we had decided to have a late lunch/snack and an early dinner before the flight as we had ordered vegetarian on our previous flight and it didn't have any protein in it.

We then went all the way to the other side of town and went to Serendipity. There was an hour long wait so we went to Bloomingdales for a wander. We then went and had a frozen hot chocolate and a strawberry sundae at Serendipity which was pretty fabulous. (Sorry about the picture quality, the lighting wasn't great and it was taken on a phone).

After that it was time to go and pick up our bags from the hotel and catch a cab to the airport. It usually takes an hour, even up to an hour and a half to get there but as it was the 4th of July, the roads were empty and we were there in 40 minutes. The airport cabs have a fixed rate of around 70 dollars.

We had a Quesadilla (one was enough for the 2 of us) at the airport which was actually really nice and then waited for our flight. Once we got on the plane we could see all the 4th of July fireworks along the horizon. It was quite a nice sight and although we missed the main part of the celebrations, we could still feel like we didn't get completely left out.

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